Wenger: ‘The team has madea lot of progress’Dear Arsenal supporter,I thought Sunday’s game couldhave gone either way.It was a very intense match withboth teams going for it and I feelthat we were a bit unlucky. JoeHart played well and we couldhave done without having toreshuffle our defence completelywhen Johan Djourou was injured.At half-time I felt that we couldwin the game if we remainedstable at the back.Despite the result, I thought wehad a very positive performance.We showed great spirit andquality, but we lacked accuracywith our final ball at times. Wefinished the game with fourstrikers and just Ramsey andArteta in midfield, so City weredangerous on the break. But wehad chances and I really thoughtThomas Vermaelen had scoredright at the end.There were a lot of positives onSunday. The team has made a lotof progress since August andthey can be proud of it. The teamhas a fantastic spirit, we haveshown that again, and let’s hopewe can continue our progressand get closer to City.Thanks for your support.Arsene Wenger’s signatureArsène Wenger   Leave a comment


Posted December 19, 2011 by arsenalwonder in Uncategorized

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