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Sunday’s North London derby
was the 150th league
meeting between Arsenal
and Tottenham Hotspur, with
the Gunners recording their
61st victory in the fixture.
That’s 13 more wins than
Spurs have recorded, while
there have been 41 draws.
In all competitions the two
sides have met 168 times so
far, the record is: W70 D45
L53 F260 A227. Arsenal have
led the head-to-head battle
ever since December 26,
1983 when they pulled
ahead with a 4-2 win at
White Hart Lane, to make it
40 wins to 39.
Sunday’s 5-2 win was the
third time in the last three
seasons Arsenal had beaten
their local rivals by a three-
goal margin, and the fifth
time overall that they had
netted five goals in a game
against them (previously in
2004, 1978, 1935 and 1934).
It was only the seventh time
in the 168 matches that
seven or more goals have
been scored, and three of
those were recorded since
2004. It was the first ever 5-2
recorded in a North London
There has been an average
of 2.9 goals per game in
derby history, yet over the
past 16 fixtures (since 2007)
the average is 4.2 per game,
and only three clean sheets
have been kept in those 16
The first eight times the two
teams met were prior to
Arsenal’s move to Islington in
1913, so technically there
have been 160 North London
derbies, not 168. However,
honours were evenly shared
in those first eight games
(three wins each, and two
draws) so the overall figures
are not greatly affected.
Arsène Wenger’s own record
against Tottenham Hotspur is
particularly impressive.
Sunday’s victory was his 17th
in the North London derby –
in contrast Spurs have gone
through 14 different
managers over the course of
winning their last 17
matches in the fixture.
Wenger’s overall record is:
P38, W17, D16, L5, F74, A49,
with those 74 goals being
scored by 32 different
players (not including two
own goals). The most prolific
players are Robert Pires and
Emmanuel Adebayor, with
eight each, and they are also
our top scorers in the whole
history of the fixture.
Before Wenger took over,
Arsenal averaged 1.43 goals
a game against Spurs –
during his time in charge the
average is 1.95.
Five of Arsenal’s 14 biggest
derby wins (36 per cent)
have been recorded in the
past ten years.
Between March 19, 2000 and
January 22, 2008, Arsenal
went 21 games unbeaten
against Spurs, the longest
undefeated run for either
side – spanning 2,865 days.
The run included an FA Cup
Semi-Final win, a Carling Cup
Semi-Final triumph and, of
course, the title-clinching
draw in 2004 at White Hart
Behind The Numbers
Behind The Numbers
Behind The Numbers
So does supremacy over our
neighbours in direct
confrontations relate into
superiority at the end of the
Sunday’s win means that
Arsenal edge the head-to-
head record in the league
this season (6-4 on goal
difference after a win
apiece), and historically this
suggests that Arsenal have a
good chance of finishing
above Spurs in the league.
From the 32 previous seasons
that Arsenal have had the
better head-to-head record,
they have gone on to finish
higher than Spurs 26 times
(81 per cent).
When Spurs have the better
head-to-head record (28
seasons) they have finished
above Arsenal 16 times (57
per cent).
The 14 seasons in which the
head-to-head record was
identical resulted in Arsenal
finishing higher eight times,
and Tottenham six.
Overall, when both teams
have been in the same
division, Arsenal have
finished higher than Spurs in
46 seasons out of 74 (62 per
cent). In addition, it must be
remembered, Tottenham
spent a total of 16 years in a
lower division than Arsenal,
compared to just two
seasons at a higher level.
Looking purely at the
Premier League, where both
sides have been ever-
present since its foundation
in 1992/93, the trend has
noticeably escalated in
Arsenal’s favour.
The Gunners have been the
top north London team 17
seasons out of 19 during this
time (89 per cent), including
the last 16 in a row. On
average Arsenal finish 5.58
places above Tottenham
each Premier League season
and earn, on average, 19.05
more points per campaign.
The biggest gap between
the two sides in Premier
League history was 13
places, and 45 points, in the
2003/04 season.
The all-time aggregate score
in Premier League matches is
Arsenal 66, Tottenham 48.


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