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Wenger: ‘It has been a good week for
Dear Arsenal supporter,
It has been a good week for us since
the disappointment of losing our
opening game of the season.
We played a tough game against
Fenerbache and put in another good
performance at Fulham. We played in
the manner we wanted to play and we
created lots of chances. At the start
of the game Wojciech Szczesny made
a great save but after that we were
always in control.
It’s always hard to tell how your
players will respond to an intense
game in the Champions League but
perhaps the positive outcome in
Turkey gave us a mental lift which
overshadowed any fatigue.
We adapted our style of play for
Fulham but we were very dangerous
every time we won the ball back. It
was impressive because we had a
good mixture of patience and speed in
our game and that was positive.
I changed the shape of our team
because I rested Jack Wilshere. We
played with four defenders and six
offensive players so we had to make
it tighter with numbers but of course
when we had the ball we were always
a threat.
Lukas Podolski got his chance and he
took it well with two goals. I am
pleased for him because he hasn’t
started much recently, not because of
his form but because of the need to
balance the team. But as you saw he
plays with spirit and he can score
goals. If you look at his and Giroud’s
goalscoring record it’s very good.
As for Olivier, his second season is
always better than his first one.
Technically he is quite impressive and
his physical presence up front is very
important to us. He looks like he’s
much more confident than last year.
Another player who has impressed is
Aaron Ramsey and I’m happy for him.
During the transfer period, people are
so focused on who is coming in that
they forget how good our players are.
When it comes to giving British
players a chance, we had Jenkinson,
Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere and Gibbs –
plus Oxlade-Chamberlain when he is
available. I think we deserve credit
for that.
Ramsey is still a young player and he
was under scrutiny a year ago. People
had major doubts about him but I think
he deserves huge praise for moving
forward the way he did. We deserve
some as well because we continued to
develop him and believe in him.
We face Fenerbahce again on Tuesday
and it’s important for us to finish the
job and get the focus right. We have
taken a big step but we’re not over
the line. The group stage of the
Champions League is highly-important
so I will not rest players, certainly
Thanks for your support,


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